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Fargo BJJ
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Welcome to Fargo Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & MMA Academy

Do you want to learn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Muay Thai Kick Boxing (Mixed Martial Arts)? Then Fargo BJJ is the place for you. We offer a series of classes for anyone who wants to learn. We teach classes in Jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, Wrestling... We even have an acclaimed Kid’s Jiu-jitsu and Bully Proof program. No matter what you’re trying to get from a martial arts program, you’ll find it at the Fargo BJJ & MMA Academy.

You’ll learn Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Kick Boxing in a safe and friendly environment. When you become a member of Fargo BJJ, you’re not just joining a team, you become part of a family. We work together to push ourselves farther than we thought possible. We encourage and support each other in our training. You’re not just another face at Fargo BJJ & MMA Academy.

We encourage a healthy and fun environment where our students can achieve there goals and are glad to come back. You’ll meet new people and develop strong friendships with the people you train with.


 Since the explosion in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts there has been a huge demand for high level Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of schools these days only teach the sportive aspect geared toward tournament & MMA competition. Though this style of Jiu-jitsu is very fun and an excellent work out, it neglects the self-defense and 'real fighting' aspects of Jiu-jitsu.
 At The Fargo BJJ Academy we excel in not only the sportive aspect of Jiu-jitsu but also the Self-defense aspect as we believe we are all martial artists first, and sport competitors second.

Here are just a few reasons to join the Fargo Academy family:

It's Fun! – People enjoy the challenges of learning new skills while making new friends in a positive and supportive environment... and we have the friendliest team around!

Functional – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is one of the most practical martial arts you can learn. Considered #1 for self-defense, and also an absolute requirement for MMA. Since you'll be moving your own body weight as well as the weight of others for an hour or more, you get in more functional shape then just lifting weights or running... You will be a lot healthier!

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - World class instruction! Prof George and Sarah Andersch are the ONLY 2 Black Belt instructors in the region and both are international champion competitors as well as top coaches! You will not find higher level, more qualified instruction anywhere around.

Kick Boxing
- Our certified BANG Muay Thai Kick Boxing program is the only one of its kind in the Upper Mid-West and a great supplement to BJJ… and its an awesome workout on its own as well! 

Bully Proof Kids – The award winning Fargo Bully Proof Kids Martial Arts Program builds confidence and self-esteem in our students so they can overcome challenges and obstacles they face in life... Bully Proof your child today!

BeachBody Fitness – Fargo Team BeachBody is the official headquarters for P90X and INSANITY training in North Dakota. Come get in the best shape of your life with the area's best trainers and workouts! They also provide at home workout, nutrition advice and support for the best chance at reaching your fitness goals! 

Structured Programs for Regular People –  Our programs were created for regular people with no experience to learn and be successful and are designed specifically to meet your goals and produce results. There is a reason our Academy and students have quickly become the best in the area, our program structure and teaching method is key!

Fargo BJJ & MMA Academy Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for all students to learn and achieve their goals… whether they be recreational, competitor or world champion… while continually striving to teach the most effective techniques possible and staying true to the essence of Jiu-jitsu

At Fargo BJJ you become part of a family that will be a network of support, inspiration and achievement. The ultimate mission of Fargo BJJ Academy is to provide a location and atmosphere to foster the ‘Jiu-jitsu lifestyle’. A life long dedication to the development of healthy habits physically, mentally and socially, through the training of Jiu-jitsu.

Eliot Marshall - UFC Veteran / The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 
“I’ve been training with Prof. George for about 12 years now and let me tell you, as far as having the knowledge to transmit Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to students of all ages Fargo BJJ is the place to be!  When I’m in Fargo I train at Fargo BJJ!

Michele S - Computer Engineer 
"Professor George and Coach Sarah are great! We have been involved with BJJ for just over a year. The whole family participates. My 2 girls, ages 9 and 13, love it and are learning a lot. My husband is addicted and can't get enough. I participate in the fitness class and enjoy the variety and great motivation. I highly recommend Fargo BJJ!"

Kris F - Anesthesiologist
"Fargo Brazilian Jui Jitsu is without a doubt the BEST academy in the area! The head instructors are professional, very knowledgeable, and generous with their time to answer whatever questions the students have. It goes without saying that the Jui-Jitsu training is technical and world class (students regularly take home medals in national tournaments), the fitness classes will get anyone into shape, and the kickboxing classes are great for mma/self-defense/a great workout. The kids program will be sure to improve any child's fitness/self-esteem and ability to defend themselves. However, the best thing about the school is the friendly, safe environment that facilitates the students to push themselves to be the best they can be. "

Kyle F – Equipment Dealership Manager
“It can be intimidating to start any new activity, especially martial arts and especially grappling. The students and staff at Fargo BJJ make it the best Martial Arts gym atmosphere I have ever walked into. Very little ego, No cult like atmosphere, Just genuinely nice people who each have differnet goals they are working towards. We have everything from National champion grapplers, MMA fighters, and all american wrestlers to elementary school kids, and fat old men like me who are just trying to stay active and in shape. It is probably one of the least cliquey places I have ever been around and that includes any activity.“

Connor S - Student NDSU
“If you want to learn self-defense techniques, kick boxing, wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a very friendly and constructive environment.. I would say then FARGOBJJ is the place for YOU! ...and me!”

Jason B – Civil Engineer
“Through Jiu-jitsu, I have met/trained with people from all over the world. Wherever I have trained, people know of my instructors George and Sarah because of the lineage of the school, and where they come from. I feel lucky to have instructors like Professor George and Professor Sarah, who show a real passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and for helping their students learn in the best possible environment.”

Cody S – Production Worker
“I wanted to get back in shape & lose  weight, …blow off some steam. I’ve lost 70 pounds from when I first started, and I’m a lot more patient!”

Jake D –  I.T. Support Specialist

“The minute you walk into the academy you feel welcome and there is always someone there that is willing to help you or answer a question. I think that people are always a little apprehensive when trying something new but I can say first hand that I have not met one person at Fargo BJJ that I dont like or that did not help me when I asked a question. Its pretty rare to find a place like Fargo BJJ where you can learn something fun, stay in shape and get to meet a lot of really good people.”

Bill K – Air Force EOD NCO
“For our kids, Jiu-jitsu has been a great confidence builder.”

Alex B – Security Officer
“Professors George and Sarah run an exceptionally efficient, open and yet challenging school. They truly welcome all students of all types into their family. The training is challenging and very technique based. The variety of class options (kids, MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Fitness) provide something for everyone. The lack of a “meathead”, brand specific, MMA groupie typical atmosphere is what brought me here and what will keep me here. 
 Unlike other gyms whose membership changes with the ebb and flow of local judicial sentencing guidelines, Fargo BJJ has students from all walks of life. Doctors (I have trained personally with 3 different ones), police officers, students, laborers, professional and semi-professional fighters, white and blue collar. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking for fitness, self-defense, a good hobby or to get into MMA as a hobby or profession. “

Jeremiah U - Medical Student
"A safe respectful place to train. From basic to hardcore it has what is needed. The instructors and students are really nice to boot."

Kevin Bradley - Gracie Barra Corpus Christi , TX 
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and the members at Fargo BJJ for the great training opportunity I enjoyed while on business in North Dakota .  I have heard many negative stories from people that attempted to train at other academies only to be used as a chew toy and very often becoming injured. I had not attempted to train on the road during previous travels but I found your school on the web and felt at ease to try it out based on the amount of information available and the testimonials you have posted.  Although I only attended a few classes, the entire experience was extremely positive. I was greeted warmly by everyone at the school and the training was excellent. The instruction was organized and technical and I picked up some great learning points from both the advanced as well as the fundamentals classes. I even enjoyed the fitness classes which were very effective at making me sore for days after. 

"The folks in Fargo are extremely fortunate to have such a well organized and welcoming school in which to train. The instruction was top notch and it was a pleasure having the opportunity to roll with some very experienced grapplers. Thank you again for providing such an excellent diversion from work and travel, and thanks to all those at Fargo BJJ for making a stranger feel at home. " 

Dax Jorgenson - Promoter at Combat Fights, Inc
"I wish all of the fighters that partake in MMA would display the professional level of skill and dedication to the sport that Kelsy Johnson did Saturday evening. She is professional, disciplined, focused, and dedicated. Kelsy and her gym (FargoBJJ) are are an asset to the Mixed Martial Arts community and act as ambassadors of the sport! I hope to see you all again soon, and often!"